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How to get the best out of your AeroPress? | Buxton Roastery

We love the AeroPress! It's a fantastic brewer; it's plastic which makes it super durable and gives you a lot more room to play around with different recipes.

English AeroPress Championship

Fun Fact

Nat has competed in English AeroPress Championship 2019. He has gained a lot of experience & knowledge from it, but more importantly is the amount of fun we had during practice for the competition. So we decided to write this blog dedicated to all of the coffee lovers, home brewers and coffee professionals.


Essential Pieces of Equipment

  • AeroPress Full Kit

  • Gooseneck Kettle or Normal Kettle

  • Grinder (Manual or Electronic)

  • Scale (Ideally with a timer built in or use your phone)

  • Water (Soft clean filtered water)

  • Bag of Coffee

Grind Size


It’s a little finer than table salt.

(Less than 1 minute brewing time)

Medium Fine

It’s finer than sand, but not as fine as an espresso grind.

(For 1-2 minutes brewing time)


A great starting point for testing your grounds. Similar to the consistency of regular sand.

(For 2-3 minutes brewing time)



Coffee: Sumatra Koperasi Permata Gayo from Buxton Roastery

Coffee: 15g | Water: 200g | Temperature: 96C | Inverted

Step One

Firstly, we are going to grind our coffee. We must grind our coffee fresh before brewing to avoid it from becoming oxidised, in this case stale or flat. We recommend a medium fine grind setting.

Next, boil up the water. If you have electronic gooseneck kettle just set it to 96C but if you are using a standard home kettle bring it up to the boil and leave it for 30 seconds before use. Pre-wet our filter paper to get rid of the papery and chemical taste in your final cup.

Step Two

Flip the AeroPress to an inverted position and add 15 grams of coffee and tare our scale.

Step Three

Bloom the coffee with 100 grams of water for 10 seconds, then immediately stir it for 20 seconds.

Step Four

Then add another 100 grams of water after you've finished stirring then put the lid back on and let it brew for 1:00 minute.

Step Five

At 1:10 minutes have your glass server or a cup ready; it is very important that you carefully flip your AeroPress into a pressing position.

Press your AeroPress for around 20 to 30 seconds until you hear a hissing noise, this is a sign that you should stop. Finally, remove your AeroPress to the side and dilute your coffee with around 80-90 grams of hot water. If it's too strong add another 10 grams until you've found your taste!

Taste Your Coffee

Bitter = Grind more Coarsely

Flat, Sharp or Weak = Grind Finer


In return, We would like to know how you guys are brewing at home, and if you found this blog useful, please let us know at the comment down below.

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