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How to get the best out of your cafetiere?

Updated: Mar 24, 2020


You probably have this brewer at home but may struggle to gain the same brew consistency, and can sometimes result in either a muddy brew or a weak under-extracted brew. We have put together some tips & tricks we like to use to get a well balanced and clean cup of coffee.

You will need;

Coffee: A bag of your favourite coffee

Method: Cafetiere

Grinder: Medium Coarse

Scale: Ideally with the point one of a gram & timer



Coffee: 30g

Water: 500g

Brew Time: 4:00 minutes

Temp: 94C

Coffee: 60g

Water: 1000g

Brew Time: 4:00 minutes

Temp: 94C

(if using home kettle we recommend leaving it for 2 minutes after it has boiled)

Step 1

Add your freshly ground coffee into a cafetiere.

Step 2

Pouring your hot water into a cafetiere to begin extraction, ensuring you are fully saturating all ground coffee for even extraction & start your timer

Step 3

Allowing your coffee to fully extract by letting it steep for 4 minutes

(Do not put the plunger on)

Step 4

Using 2 spoons, firstly breaking the coffee crust by stirring in a circular motion to stop the extraction & scoop off the floating crust and foam. (This not essential but increases clarity)

Step 5

Putting the plunger on but DO NOT press it all the way, we want the metal filter touching the coffee surface & don't forget to warm your cups.

Now, this is a difficult part we want you to wait for another 6-8 minutes as coffee is way too hot to drink but also allowing small particles to settle at the bottom and not result in your cup. Do not be tempted to plunge, this will just stir up the particles you have bee patiently waiting to settle.

Step 6

Do not be tempted to plunge this will only stir up the particles you have patiently waiting to settle. Pour slowly and gently into your cup and enjoy a silky, well-balanced brew with far fewer particles.


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